The Ministers Circle

is a collection of videos examining various perspectives of the human experience.
You will see a variety of voices attempting to answer some of life’s urgent questions. Stay tuned, and be inspired.
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Plan For It! Ecclesiastes 3: A New Season Awaits You.

How To Keep Millennials In Your Church feat. Bishop Joseph Walker


Faith among Millennials with Dacari J & Taliaferro - Part 1

An examination of Faith and Church in the lives of Millennials with Dacari J Middlebrooks and Darryl Taliaferro of Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Darryl Taliaferro on Transmitting Vision to Your Team

Hello, everyone! I’m so glad you stopped by to spend some time with us here at the unSeminary podcast. Today I’m talking with Darryl Taliaferro. Darryl is th…

Your Words Matter

July 13, 2015 – #MondayMorningMotivator Elder Darryl M. Taliaferro @IAMTALIAFERRO

Give Great Effort To Everything!

Dacari creates a branding experience that’s unique to a particular person or company. He informs the development of an overall brand strategy, which can affe…


Let's Get It

2 Part Creating Change Series:

Creating Change Part 1

Creating Change Part 2

4 Part Series on Depression:

Depression Series Part 1: Acknowledgment

Depression Series Part 2: Acceptance

Depression Series Part 3: Anger

Depression Series Part 4: Assistance