I Am A Friend Of God

John 15:15

Being called a friend of the Lord is an awesome privilege and position. Yet so many times we take on a servant mentality of ‘serving’ the Lord, when in fact, we have been called to ‘join’ in on the work of the Lord. So many times we find ourselves in static positions, uncertain about where and what God would have us to be when in fact, the answer is closer than we might think. The word ‘Desire’ is a Latin word meaning (de) the Father (sire). When you begin to operate within the desires of your heart, you are implementing the very thing the Father has uniquely placed on the inside of you. Our desires were placed in us that we may effectively co-labor with God. To ‘serve’ the Lord is to get rid of your desires and take orders. But when you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart.